Public Safety

Our law enforcement agencies – from LAPD to Culver City PD to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department – need to be assured they will have the resources, tools and community support to perform the challenging daily job of keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Community policing that engages community members and assesses their public safety needs is now a highly accepted form of law enforcement for two principal reasons: (1) It works and (2) Residents and business owners respond favorably when their public safety needs are met through collaboration with officers on patrol and detectives in the field.

But public safety is not solely about more officers on our streets. We must dedicate resources to community-based efforts to prevent crimes from occurring.

We must support effective programs that direct young people who are vulnerable to the lure and solicitation of gang organizations to supportive activities that enable them to envision their future as productive wage earners, skilled tradespersons, college graduates, career professionals, and ultimately, retirees with a fixed income they can count on. It’s not impossible if we work at it. It’s possible if we stay determined to stand by the young people of our community.

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