The economic recovery has not been strong enough to move a majority of people that lost their jobs during the Great Recession from unemployment to steady work that can support a family.

The number one priority for people from the Westside to South Los Angeles is jobs.

We must do our utmost to create new jobs. We can accomplish this, in part, by supporting small businesses. We must expand the abilities of small business owners to take advantage of local and state contracting opportunities.

As taxpayers, we invest our hard earned wages to make a myriad of public projects possible. It’s time that local businesses that can create jobs are given a greater opportunity to expand their operations to create more jobs by bidding for contract work on state and local taxpayer-funded projects.

We are investing billions of taxpayer dollars to build transit systems, schools, and community college facilities. It is essential that we redouble our efforts to help unemployed residents in the 54th Assembly District get connected to labor apprenticeship programs that will enable them to learn the hands-on skills they would need to begin a career in construction.

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