The Affordable Care Act will open the door to healthcare coverage for millions of Californians. But it will only work when people walk through the door to choose their healthcare provider that is best for themselves and their families. We must make sure residents and business owners are properly educated on the choices and benefits made available through the Affordable Care Act.

We need to make sure Covered California is such a huge success that other states that opted out of ‘Obamacare’ begin to wonder what were they thinking. We’re the Golden State. We have the capacity to make this happen. We have the skill. All we need to do is demonstrate the will.

Our public hospital and healthcare system is strained with patients waiting hours to be examined by hospital staff and caregivers. We must work to lessen that strain by making sure the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital in Willowbrook is reopened and reemerges as the key healthcare delivery asset available to families from Watts to Westwood that it was envisioned it could be more than three decades ago. MLK Hospital is getting a new lease on life. We need to ensure it has a long life because our lives may depend on it some day.

Let’s fund school health centers through public-private partnerships that focus community-based healthcare resources where they may be needed most – at our neighborhood schools. Let’s make sure our children have access to physicals, immunizations, medial screenings, flu shots, eye exams and dental care. When our school children are healthy they can learn and excel. While we tend to our children’s healthcare needs at school, we can enroll their parents in health care programs to meet the entire needs of the family.

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